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Are Low-Cost Dental Crowns Right For You?

If the appearance, strength and/or functionality of your teeth have been compromised due to decay, an injury, discoloration or other problems and you have a tight budget, it’s natural to assume that dentures are the only viable option. However, low cost dental crowns in Manhattan, which can be just as effective or even more effective, Read More >>

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Low Cost Dental Implants: No Longer Are Replacement Teeth Not an Option

When replacing missing teeth, dentures aren’t the only option. Affordable dental implants in Manhattan are high-quality, reasonably priced alternatives that allow you to avoid some of the biggest drawbacks of dentures. With inexpensive dental implants, you don’t have to worry about slippage-related problems like slurred speech and difficulty eating. Because they’re permanently affixed, there’s no Read More >>


Top Cosmetic Dentists For Smile Makeovers

Are you searching for the top cosmetic dentist for smile makeovers in NYC?  When you require cosmetic dental procedures, it’s very difficult to say one doctor is the best cosmetic dentist in Manhattan for veneers. Ultimately, you will have to determine, after meeting the dentist, if the two of you are compatible.  The treatment plan Read More >>


Long Island Family Dentistry Services For Adults & Children

Family Dentist Long Island: Your Family Deserves The Best It’s important to have a routine dental exam each year with your Long Island family dentistry practice to help prevent gum disease and other dental issues. Regular cleanings can help prevent cavities and other ailments that wear down teeth as we get older. Your family dentist can provide Read More >>


Porcelain Veneers Cost: Price of Veneers in Manhattan, NYC & Long Island

Cosmetic dentistry has found its place in modern dentistry as a serious option for people who are not happy with the way their smile looks. Dentists understand that self-esteem is an important aspect of overall health, and we offer several options for improving stained, crooked or gapped teeth. Some dental procedures offer both structural and Read More >>


Teeth Whitening NYC: Perfect For Midtown Manhattan Professionals

What is Zoom Teeth Whitening NYC? New York Family & Pediatric Dental Care is highly skilled in teeth whitening.  Zoom teeth whitening NYC is a customized, safe and effective teeth whitening system that uses light and hydrogen peroxide in its treatment procedures. It can make teeth up to eight times whiter, depending on the severity Read More >>


Dentist to Repair Veneers: Porcelain Veneer Chipped Off Tooth?

Porcelain veneers are an excellent way to improve the appearance of chipped, gapped or misshapen teeth, but because they are thin, they can break. Veneers are coverings that go over the front of the teeth, and they can do wonders for changing the appearance of your smile. When made by an experienced prosthodontist, veneers should Read More >>


Looking For a Good Dentist in NYC? You Deserve The Best Dental Care

Finding a good dentist in NYC is highly important because your oral health affects you in several ways. People who suffer from oral illnesses are twice as likely to suffer from heart disease and infections. Additionally, gum infections and decaying teeth are painful to live with. On average, people should get a dental checkup every Read More >>


Dental Crown Replacement: Is Replacing a Dental Crown Advisable?

What is a dental crown? Dental crowns are used as an effective means of restoring the appearance and functionality of teeth that have been compromised. Essentially serving as “caps” for the visible natural tooth, crowns can be used for a number of reasons. These include: Covering a dental implant Protecting eroded, weakened, or cracked teeth Correcting Read More >>


Proper Technique: Painless Injections by Gentle Dentists in Manhattan

If you are looking for a dentist in NYC who performs painless dental injections, they are possible for people who have a fear of the dentist. If you want a pain free experience at the dentist, there are  options available to alleviate intra-oral injection pain.  Certain dentists in Manhattan use sedation dentistry, but this approach is Read More >>