Manhasset Cosmetic Dentist

Your smile is likely one of the first things that people notice about you, especially if you have the right Manhasset cosmetic dentist. It lights up a room when you laugh and it invites others to get to know you better. It’s memorialized in photos and family videos. Your smile is an essential part of yourself, so why shouldn’t you get to show it off as much as possible? At our practice, we believe that your smile deserves the best, which is why we offer state-of-the-art, caring cosmetic treatments. Cosmetic dentistry allows patients to improve upon the aesthetic of their teeth in a number of ways, from correcting gaps and discoloration to replacing teeth that have been lost due to gum disease or injury. Whatever your needs, we will work closely with you to help you realize your smile’s true potential.

How We Help Patients Achieve Beautiful Smiles

When you come in for your consultation, we’ll take all of the time necessary to get to know your particular situation and dental needs. Once we have determined the areas that require correction, we can better devise a treatment plan that will work for you and help you acquire the smile of your dreams.

Cosmetic dentistry covers a wide range of different procedures, each designed to help patients correct an important part of their smile. The following are just some of the treatments available to you:

Bonding – A simple procedure, bonding can cover up discoloration as well as chips in the tooth.
Bridges – This is a common means of replacing lost teeth. A bridge consists of artificial teeth that are bonded to the surrounding teeth to restore your smile.
Crowns – When decay or injury has caused damage, crowns act as caps to replace the compromised portion of the tooth. With the help of modern CEREC technology, our dentists can form and bond crowns in just one quick visit.
Veneers – Designed to match the color of your teeth, veneers can cover minor gaps as well as discoloration.
Dentures – These removable tooth replacement options are highly effective and are available in two forms, namely partial dentures and full dentures.
Dental implants – Currently one of the most popular forms of tooth replacement, dental implants are both realistic in appearance as well as highly functional and durable.

Gentle & Caring

When it comes to caring for you and your family’s smile, we believe that you deserve more than just quality dental care and cosmetic treatments. At our practice, nothing short of the best will be tolerated and, to us, the best includes an environment where even our youngest, most nervous patients can feel secure, confident, and well cared for. In order to accomplish this, our dentists and staff are dedicated to creating a soothing office atmosphere based on trust, open communication, and compassion. At every visit, our patients have come to rely on our devotion and personal commitment to both their long-term dental health as well as their peace of mind.

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