Smile Gallery

Dr. Kauftheil has been providing smile makeovers to the area for over a decade and helps patients achieve and maintain beautiful smiles through the latest treatment techniques. Your new, beautiful smile will be one that you can feel great about and gets noticed by those around you.

cosmetic-dentist-before-after-nycOverview: Dental Crowns/Full Mouth Rehab Before & After:

The patient had been coming to the office for routine visits, but needed crowns and root canals.  Dr. Kauftheil explained to him that while we were implementing small treatment fixes, he should really consider fixing all of his badly broken teeth.  Over the years, he had done considerable damage to his teeth through use and grinding — he had worn them down significantly.   They were also discolored from smoking. The only way to improve their appearance, as well as to restore their original shape, was to crown all of his teeth.  The space he always had, the patient wanted to keep.